Top Five Reasons To Own Rental Property!

Posted by Vic Agarwal
in Blog

5 – Uncle Sam is your friend for once… 

Depreciation is an excellent deferred tax benefit. It is a pass through benefit of owning real estate for your income.

 4 – You don’t work for your house 24 hours a day…

Pass the problems and hassles to a management company so you aren’t getting the 2AM running toilet phone call.

 3 – The bank will love your assets…

When a lender sees you have passive income from strong real estate investments, you are viewed in a lower risk bracket because you have a stake in REAL assets.

2 – Leverage is an unbelievable risk blocker…

Unlike most traditional stock trading, in real estate, the risk isn’t 100% yours. It is shared with the lending institution at a rate of usually 80% lender and 20% you.

 1 – What can you do once and get paid forever?

The beauty of real estate investing is that once you acquire a rental property and have it managed well, you will make money in your sleep. Delegate your burden, reduce your stress and enjoy a pleasant revenue stream.


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