How To Be A Likeable Property Manager

Posted by Vic Agarwal
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If you’ve just bought your first investment property you might have decided to be brave and go it alone as a property manager, at least until you get a couple more properties under your belt, then you’ll want to be thinking about hiring real property management to take the work load off you. Our blog post here features 5 reasons to hire a property manager and this should do a good job on convincing you!


Property owners need to keep their tenants happy for several reasons, the most obvious being that the longer the tenants stay the easier it is for the owner. A happy home equals a happy tenant and the best way to ensure this is through good property management services. But if you’re starting off in the world of property investment how can you ensure you’re a good property manager to your tenants? Here’s a small tip, be nice.

Here are 5 more tips to help you become a likeable property manager before you’re ready to hire property management companies.

[1] Don’t react, respond
If a tenant has confronted you with an issue and is being particularly difficult it’s always best to take the customer is always right approach. Instead of giving a snap response, which is an easy mistake to make, carefully consider your reply, even if it’s just rephrasing something to make them feel more comfortable with your solution.

[2] Make them a priority
We’ve all been there when our boiler breaks and our landlord or property management services are non-existent. Tenants need to feel as though they are getting priority service, especially when it comes to problems that affect their living environment. Even if you can’t solve the problem straight away, make them feel like you’re dropping everything to arrange a repair service as soon as possible. Tenants will appreciate the urgency.

[3] Be responsive
If you don’t have apartment management companies in place for your properties you are the first port of call for your tenants. This means you have to be responsive to all messages and calls that come through. You can’t delay or ignore, as this will reflect badly on you. Keeping a constant stream of communication with your tenants will make you look committed to helping them and give them far less to complain about.

[4] Be flexible
There will be some occasions where the answer is a direct no to tenant requests, but where you can show some flexibility respect will follow. For example if the tenant wanted to get a very small low maintenance pet, you might want to agree under certain conditions. The more flexible you are, the more respect the tenant will have for you and the less likely they’ll be to breach their contract elsewhere.

[5] Work with not against
If you have a particularly messy tenant you can gently remind them to tidy the property regularly, but this nagging can often irritate a tenant. A good solution to this particular problem would be to pay for a cleaner for example to make weekly visits. That way you’re both winning. There’s always a solution and working with the tenant rather than against them is an easy way to be more likeable.

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