9 Times The Simspon’s Relates To Property Investment

Posted by Vic Agarwal
in Blog

Most property investors will be aware of the stress that comes with owning properties, but some often have funny stories to go with it. Especially when just starting out in the land of property investment, there can be some common occurrences that come with managing tenants. Of course, if you hire a property management company you won’t have to deal with these incidents first hand, but you might hear about them through your property manager.

Regardless of whether you have commercial property management or property management services in place or not, the entire experience from finding your first property, to renting it out and managing tenants can bring with it some memorable stories.

Here’s 9 times The Simpson’s can relate to the familiar events that come with property investment.

1. When you’re trying to convince someone to invest with you


2. When tenants can’t seem to understand the ‘No pets’ rule


3. When you go round after receiving a noise complaint


4. When you get lost on the way to one of your rentals


5. When it’s time to part ways with tricky tenants


6. When you get messy tenants


7. When someone tells you they’re managing their own property


8. When you take your property knowledge a bit too far…


9. When you buy your first rental


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