5 Reasons To Hire A Property Manager

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Most property owners are aware of the financial reward of renting out to tenants. However, unless you live close to the property, have a lot of extra time on your hands and know how to fix a toilet, managing a property yourself can bring with it a lot of headaches, not to mention time and commitment! In the long run this isn’t practical, especially if you plan to expand your property portfolio.

Here are 5 reasons why you should hire real property management:

[1] Removes the headaches

Property management companies become the front office, taking care of all the day-to-day tasks that come with renting out residential or commercial properties. They take on the entire administration of the property, from dealing directly with tenants to negotiating with contractors, completing maintenance inspections and much more. This frees up a lot of time that can be spent on your own career or seeking out other property income opportunities.

[2] Advertise your property

Knowing where, or how much to advertise your property for can be a stressful experience, especially if you have multiple investment properties. Good property management services will have done relevant studies on local markets in order to advertise your property at a profitable rate, as well as in the most visible areas.

[3] Manage tenants

Whether your property is for residential or commercial use, managing tenants can be the most time-consuming part of owning investment property. Tasks like routine inspections, emergency maintenance and responding to complaints are examples of the many responsibilities that come with the tenant – landlord relationship. Apartment management companies cover all of this communication for you, from screening good tenants, to managing them throughout their tenancy. AIP currently maintain an average occupancy rate of 96%.

[4] Manage contractors

Finding a contractor who can do the job well and for a good price can be tricky. Most property management services will already have a large database of reputable suppliers, or like AIP have an in-house maintenance service available.  Property managers oversee the entire process, from the complaint, right up to getting the job done for the best price.

[5] Protect your investment

Owning an investment property is no good unless you are taking care of your bottom line. A property manager will increase your bottom line for you making the small fee well worthwhile. When you don’t have time to profitably manage your investments, a property manager is the perfect solution.

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